Early 2025 sports exhibition in downtown Tampere featuring information about my sports photos from Switzerland, in cooperation with Deutsches Kulturzentrum Tampere.

18.8. – 20.8. 2023 – Small 🇫🇮 themed photo Exhibition: Uudenmaakatu 13, Helsinki:

Wellcome New restaurant opening in Helsinki at Uudenmaankatu 13. – Welcome!

Enjoy @cozy terrace! 👍

Surfing beach, Kallvik Surf Club

Willkommen, Wellcome, Tervetuloa ; ) – uudenmaakatu 13, Helsinki

Don’t miss our 🇨🇭Swiss-themed photo exhibition November 2024! 👍

The restaurant Family used to have a restaurant near Bern and we have worked together successfully in the past.

Exhibition Flyer 2023 (finalised within a very short timeline)

A short walk through the charming views of South Helsinki (approximately one hour) before the exhibition.

Art Walk: Fri 18.8. & Sat 19.8. Start: 16:00, Return: 17:00